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The producer of this web page is an Evante owner, who started an Owners Club in 1991.  CLUB EVANTE was initially quite well supported, and became aware of most of the cars and owners.  However, it suffered (I believe) because the car appealed to a small section of the motoring public who wanted something different and individual.  Indeed the first Evante sales brochure was headed “A Declaration of Independence”.
Many owners I contacted said,   “ I don’t join Clubs”.  So I guess the Club was doomed!  

A small number of current owners are in contact, and between us, we have a fairly wide experience of the car. The “Club” is in a position to access body moulds for some parts of the car, and have cars from which we can take moulds.  Regarding the old chestnut of “keeping cars original”, we do not even recommend that mechanical parts to be replaced with original, rather that the car is improved by the replacement.  The body shape, however should be sacrosanct.  Why would you want to change it?  That’s what made you buy it, isn’t it?

My purpose here is to find the cars again, and then maintain contact with the owners.  The club has a list of the cars produced, with original owners, chassis and registration numbers etc. and would like to update this list. If you don’t like the idea of a “Club”, think of it as “The Evante Register”.  My contact number is at the bottom of the page.

The cars are quite rare, and whilst they have no particular history, they do have a very special flavour in motoring taste!  Sorry!  I suspect that many cars are languishing in garages, with comparatively few miles on the clock.  I was very pleased recently when able to put the family of one of the original Vegantune directors in touch with an owner who was prepared to sell his almost “as new” car. 

An automatic section for this may be introduced later, but at the momen
t contact from anyone interested can be made through myself at the number below.  Just don’t ask me about values, yet! 
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